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Product Photography

Better images to sell your product to your target audience! 

Products can be shipped to my studio or dropped off. Pick-up services are available for a select area. Fee will depend on the mileage from the studio.

Studio, on location, and outdoor shoots are available. Outdoor shoots will be subject to scheduling around the weather depending on the location and the product.


First Step

The first step is to set up an initial consultation. During this time, we will:

1.  Go over the options explained below and how the images will be used

2.  Choose locations and backgrounds

3.  Talk about the products and your target audience

4.   Go over your expectations and the contract


Option 1.  Ultimate Finish Shoot

This option is designed to create images that are perfect. Images that will require extensive time in Photoshop. For example, images with a perfect white background, images for a magazine, really any image that you want to be created and perfected. I will scrutinize over every detail in post processing to create the highest quality image I can.

Option 2.  The General Use Shoot

This option is designed for good quality images of many products for at a cost-effective rate. These images are great for websites, marketing, catalogs. The images are ran through Photoshop for color quality and simple adjustments but will not require extensive time in Photoshop.  The background will be what the product is shot on (so not a perfect white background, but close). 
    You can choose to use natural light or studio lights:

A custom quote is required to determine the cost of each shoot. things that will be taken into consideration. 

•  The number of objects to be photographed, and the number of images of each object desired
•  The size of the objects
•  The size of the file desired, for example if you want to have an image large enough to print and put on the side of a building
•  Where the images will be used

•  The lighting you choose for the shoot: Studio or Natural

1. Natural light is a great option but it is limiting

2. Studio lights will create a more professional image no matter the amount of time in Photoshop


Please have all this information ready when you call me for the most accurate quote.