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Treasured Memories 

What is important to you is important to me too! I am a mom of two small boys and I love to capture their expressions that melt my heart. I know how important it is to have special family images that are treasured for many life times. I will create for you the same quality images I do for myself. I am a stickler for every detail. I will use every skill learned in college and through my years of experience to ensure that your family images are breathtaking. 

At this time I offering:

  1. Family Portraits
  2. Senior Portraits
  3. Newborn Portraits
  4. Engagement Shoots (I can, and love secret agent style engagements!)
  5. Special Events
  6. Weddings
  7. Pets
  8. Children
All things fade, wear out, break, rot, decay, and rust with time but memories, I can make your memories last forever. 


- Hayley Nelson,

Melissa was fun to shoot with, very flexible and enthusiastic. She can work with anything and has great ideas. She scoped out the location and found a great spot to take our 4 month old's pictures. We also got the rights to print the images which is great.

- Katherine Hunnicutt,

Just had family photos taken by Melissa Baines and we had an amazing experience! The photos and editing is beautiful; she gave me several options for the location and we were able to chose a great outdoor location; she's fun and really engaged my young kids; and she was able to give us clear directions to help us pose and look our best.
   I'll definitely use Melissa for all our future family photos. I highly recommend her.

I love working with families to capture special moments forever, it is a blessing!!!

Things to Know

Q. Why can't I choose the images to be edited?

A. Can you spot the differences in the two images below?

In the first image the child on the right has his back to the camera. In the second image, you can see each child's face. I took a different image from the same shoot and blended the child in to face the right way. The first image is OK but blending two images together and giving every child a face creates a print worthy image. This is a great example to show one reason I do not let clients choose their images to be final edited images. As a digital artiest I have the experience and knowledge to know how and when to alter images. There are other differences so if you are playing the game; I cropped the second image, straightened the horizon, and took the rogue shoe out of the image. 

Another reason is you (yes, you no matter who you are) will focus on how you look in each image, and we are all our own worst critic. You are hiring a professional for a reason. You must trust that professional to create the best images. I can promise I take every image to heart! Every image I present is the absolute best of the bunch! But this doesn't mean you don't get to have any input! If there is a shot I take and you really want to make sure that pose or moment is in the final images, speak up! I will do everything in my power to make that image happen for you! 


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I love to incorporate my graphic design skills into my photography. Please don't hesitate to ask about adding type to the image, or adding a custom designed card for announcements, birthdays, thank you notes, or whatever the occasion.

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