Photography classes

What do you want to learn?

Why take a workshop from me?

  1. Hands on Learning

  2. Small classes or one-on-one private lessons. You will learn what you came to learn.

  3. I love to teach photography! Learning from a person who loves what they do means you will not walk away unhappy!

  4. Each class comes with a booklet, written by me, so you have something to look back to when you get stuck or you can message/call/text me for help! I'm not going to teach you and then drop you.

  5. Access to a Facebook page where you can meet other people and learn together. I will announce when we will be doing free photography walks and meetups on the FB page too!

  6. I have been there! We all have to start somewhere and I started right where you are. I had a million questions and had never even held a DSLR camera untill I took my first class.

  7. Need more reasons or have questions call me 251-333-8919!

Alabama photography Workshop Lessons

Beginner Photography Workshop

Learn to take control of your camera

Beginners Photography Class Details and Priceing

If you answer yes to one or more of these questions then you need this class!!!

  1. Do you have a DSLR camera?
  2. Do you shoot on the green square (auto mode) and wonder why your images don’t come out like you imagined?
  3. Do you want to learn how to freeze action, or capture soft milky water?
  4. Do you want to understand how to get every image to be sharp and in focus?
  5. Do you want to know how to create a dreamy blurry background that is coveted by the pros?  

You will learn all this and more in this one class! 


Don't take my word for it, here is what one happy student had to say:

Donna Brown
“I recently participated in Melissa's beginner's photography workshop. I am fairly new to DSL photography, having always used a point and shoot camera. Melissa did a wonderful job in helping me to understand my camera's settings and the concepts of general photography. She was well prepared, organized, and a good teacher. I felt totally comfortable asking her lots of questions and when the workshop was finished, I had a much better understanding of how to use my camera. Melissa is a very talented artist, and is organizing photo walks with her students where she gives one-on-one tips. I would highly recommend her workshop for anyone who wants to get a good start in digital photography.”

Basic and Beyond Lightroom Class

Unlock the power of Lightroom to create your vision

- Dates coming soon

Lighroom Class Before image
Lightroom Class after image

Night Sky and Milky Way

Learn how to shoot the night sky - Because I have to work around my Coast Guard hubby's schedul classes will be announced closer to summer. Thank you and message me to be put on the notification list!!! 

Night Sky Photography class

Basic Photoshop

Take that image further in Photoshop, Lightroom can only take you so far! 

Other Classes that I'm working on:

Off camera flash



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